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Posted by ahaanews on March 7, 2007

Sussex hospital blunders cost £50m  The figure makes up almost half the £100 million needed to fund hospital services across the region that are set to be cut. Statistics released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal £31 million was paid out to victims of clinical negligence between 2001 and 2006.Settlements resulted from mistakes such as failure to diagnose fractures, problems with childbirth and injuries caused by injections. A further £2.6 million was paid out to employees and visitors who had accidents at NHS sites. Lawyers’ fees account for the remaining £14 million.

The Litigation Authority paid out £10.35 million on behalf of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust, £9.26 million for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust, £7.4 million for Worthing and Southlands Hospitals Trust, £5.26 million for Royal West Sussex Trust and £317,635 for South Downs Health Trust.

Residents of a sheltered home earmarked for demolition are refusing to move. The five women who still live in the 20 flat property in Brighton Road, Lancing, said today the housing association would have to secure a court order to evict them. Rita Clarke, 81, said: “It’s awful our society is not bothering to look after us.

Brighton’s men scrub up the best
Men in Brighton spend more on toiletries than anywhere else in the UK, according to new research. Interesting maybe, but more of an ad than an article…

Council secretive over top salaries   Brighton and Hove City Council has been criticised for telling taxpayers the six-figure salaries of its highest paid officials are “none of your business”. Town hall chiefs across the country have revealed which of their staff earn more than £100,000 in response to a Freedom of Information request by the Taxpayers’ Alliance lobby group. But our city council refused to give a detailed response and was yesterday accused by campaigners of promoting a “culture of secrecy”.  The Taxpayers’ Alliance claims council tax rises are funding a growing army of “fat cat” officials and asked 230 local authorities for details of their top earners.

Workers win £10m backpay   Brighton and Hove council is facing a £10 million wages bill because of years of underpaying its female staff. Further job cuts and increased pressure on council taxes are predicted as wages for as many as 600 women employees are brought up to the level of their male equivalents and up to six years’ backpay is covered.Children in care ‘dumped on coastThousands of children in care are being “dumped” in coastal towns miles away from their home area, according to a report from MPs. Councils in London, Northumberland and Lancashire send children to seaside areas where foster or residential care can be provided more cheaply, it claims. But although the authorities sending children pay for accommodation, they do not pick up the extra costs of education, healthcare and youth services, which the host council has to fund. The Commons Communities Committee recommends that children should be sent away only when it is in the best interests of the child, not to save money. It also criticises the Government for neglecting coastal towns, which include some of the most deprived pockets in the country (Source – The Times)

Town says no to every gipsy site  Residents were celebrating last night after Conservative – run Hastings Borough Council rejected proposals to build a site for travellers in the town.

Row over unauthorised traveller site  Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, said East Sussex County Council had failed in its duty by not taking action over the encampment at Glynde.

Smoking ban by hospital trust
The largest hospital trust in Sussex is to ban smoking in all its buildings and grounds next month.

Police chief denies theft charges
A senior policeman accused of a string of theft and deception offences against his own force has denied the charges.


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