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UK Policy

Posted by ahaanews on March 7, 2007

Britain Today: The state of the nation 2007CMO launches proposals for a global health strategy

Commissioning Framework for Health and Well-Being: A consultation

CMO launches proposals for a global health strategy     DWP Employers Survey

Government action to boost support for children with special educational needs

Gypsy and Traveller Task Group on Site Provision and Enforcement

Government welfare reform review risks excluding one quarter of lone parents with disabled children, says DRC

Health is Global: Proposals for a UK Government-wide strategy

Healthcare watchdog to check NHS trusts treat older patients with dignity and respect

Legal aid reform: Quality assessment roll out

New inspection regulator for children’s services

New study reveals divide between have and have-not families       National minimum wage rises for a million workers

Office of Public Sector Information: New legislation

Personalised care conference planned for June

Review of Pensions Institutions: Consultation paper

South East faith organisations to share in £4.3 million funding to help promote community cohesion

Tackling Youth Homelessness: Policy briefing 18

The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007: Equality Impact Assessment

The Funding Criteria for Child Care Proceedings

Tsar announces £1m in new research funding for Mental Health

Women from across the UK give their views to Cabinet to mark International Women’s Day

£4.3 million to help faith organisations promote community cohesion


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