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UK Think Tanks

UK Think tanks

Adam Smith Institute: An established think-tank that is a leading advocate of market economic policies. 

Around the world in 80 ideas: 80 international examples of how free markets have solved public policy problems.  Produced by Adam Smith Institute.

CBI: The premier lobbying organisation for UK business on national and international issues. The CBI works with the UK government, international legislators and policy-makers to help UK businesses complete effectively.

Centre for Policy Studies: A think-tank that wishes to promote coherent and practical public policy, to roll back the state, reform public services, support communities, and challenge threats to Britain’s independence.

CentreForum: An independent, liberal think-tank seeking to develop evidence based, long term policy solutions to the problems facing Britain.

Civitas: Dedicated to deepening the public’s understanding of the legal, institutional and moral framework that makes a free and democratic society possible.

Demos: A think-tank committed to reinvigorating democracy and to countering growing disengagement from political institutions.

Doctors for Reform : Independent group of nearly 1000 NHS doctors campaigning for a change to the way healthcare is delivered in Britain.  Independent from, but supported by, Reform.

Federation of Small Business: The largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms. 

Institute for Economic Affairs: The UK’s original free-market think-tank, founded in 1955. The IEA’s goal is to explain free-market ideas to the public, including politicians, students, journalists, businessmen, academics and anyone interested in public policy.

Institute for Fiscal Studies: An independent research organisation that aims to provide high quality economic analysis of public policy.

Institute for Public Policy Research: A leading think tank with strong links to New Labour.

Institute of Directors: The organisation that serves, supports, represents and set standards for directors.

International Policy Network: An organisation that believes that markets and their underlying institutions harness human potential better than any other institutional arrangement, and are the best way to address the poverty and tragedy faced by many people in the world.

New Frontiers Foundation: A think-tank that believes that liberal democracy is the best way to protect and promote peace and freedom; that liberal markets, low and simple taxes, and free trade, are the best path to prosperity; and that the combination of democracy and markets represents the fairest and most effective mechanism for adapting to change.

Policy Exchange: An independent think-tank promoting ideas and policies based on strong communities, personal freedom, limited government, national self-confidence and an enterprise culture.

Politeia: A think-tank that aims is to encourage reflection, discussion and debate about the place of the state in the daily lives of men and women across the range of issues which affect them, from employment and tax to education, health and pensions.

Social Affairs Unit: A think-tank addressing social, economic and cultural issues with an emphasis on the value of personal responsibility.

Social Market Foundation: A think-tank focusing on economic and social policy ideas.  The SMF has been active in recent health, education, welfare and pensions policy reform debates. They are supporters of School Choice.


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