Embracing Neverland

Mental health……………………………………………………………………………..the journey is our own




Has Generation Y overdosed on self-esteem?     Bias in Research: The Word is Spreading

60,000 Marriages Broken by Iraq, Including Mine    The Assault on Liberties-Who’s Really to Blame?

Confessions of an American Torturer   Mental Health Groups Sign Open Letter to Advertising Community

A Mix of Medicines That Can Be Lethal

Watchdog Group Accuses American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Fraud for Pharma

Campaign Seeks To Counter Influence Of Pharmaceutical Company Sales Reps

Leave No Child Inside    What does your doctor sell out for?   Marijuana Gains Wonder Drug Status

Big Lies and “small” business   Is the feminist sisterhood more sorority than social justice?

Bush: Keeping working families poor and disempowered is more important than protecting them …

Marine with Brain Injury refused treatment by VA [VIDEO]    Mitochondrial notes

FDA requires ADHD drug makers to warn users about serious health risks   Pain Relief, Step by Step

Families Behind Bars: Jailing Children of Immigrants   Torture Is Finally on Trial

Queer 101: A Guide for Heteros   Activists put CEOs in a fishbowl   Televangelism in America today

The decision not to apply the watershed ruling to past cases has the potential to shut out thousands.

New Perspectives on the Psychology of Evil; Why Good People Do Bad

Positive Progress in the Mental Health System    Meanwhile: Death! Read all about it!

Antidepressants improve post-stroke ‘thinking outside the box’   Marijuana, the wonder drug

Epilepsy’s debilitating toll and therapeutic conundrum   Study links brain flaw to infant deaths

Conservapedia – the US religious right’s answer to Wikipedia  ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Revisited

Head of Walter Reed Hospital Fired   Widows Fight SBP-DIC Offset  The Nature of Envy

Consumers fall for Havidol pharmaceutical parody that promotes a fictitious anxiety disorder

New Options (and Risks) in Home Care for Elderly   Is Looking Your Age Now Taboo?

Citing Abuses, Texas Governor Ousts Leader of Youth Agency  Why the media passes off bunk as news

Most Support U.S. Guarantee of Health Care   Using the Web to Get the Boss to Pay More

U.S. Reviewing Safety of Children’s Cough Drugs  New York City Prosecutors Declare War On Families

Autism on Campus: The Other Diversity

The Trials and Triumphs of DIY Journalism    Notes on Activism and Loyalty  Doubt cast over Guantanamo “suicides”

How The Failure Of Welfare Reform Created Our Lawless Courts   Greed by Any Other Name

Colorado To Use Inmates To Fill Migrant Shortage  Drugs Without Side Effects A Possibility For Alzheimer’s

Psychological Needs Of Military Personnel And Their Families Are Not Being Met, Reports APA Task Force

Warnings Of Increased Suicide Risk Didn’t Dampen Antidepressant Prescriptions

Former New England Journal Of Medicine Editor Angell Criticizes Pharmaceutical Companies At Event In Tennessee

Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa Will Remain The Clinical Gold Standard For The Treatment Of Schizophrenia Through 2015

Wounded Marine Calls for Military Gay Rights   Top Court Weighs Lawsuit Against Bush’s Faith-Based Program

House Eases Rules on Union Organizing   5 Positive Psychology Exercises   The Motherhood Experiment 

Audio & Photos: Sex Offenders and Civil Commitment    FDA Pulls 15 Migraine Drugs Off Market

Today’s teens are less selfish than some adults think  Excessive TV Viewing By Children Is Linked To Poor Eating Habits

FDA May Approve Cattle Drug Which Could Lead To Drug Resistant Superbugs  “Side Effects May Not Include…”

Cherokees Oust Slave Descendants  DoD is neglecting troops’ mental health   Brainmaps.org goes online

US FDA approves duloxetine (Cymbalta) for generalised anxiety disorder  ‘Married … children’ less common in U.S.

Antidepressants linked to a sleep disorder   Binge Eating is the most common eating disorder

Almost Half of Anxiety Patients in Primary Care Untreated  Mental-health aid could be hurt by union, provider fight

Antidepressants Improve Post-stroke ‘Thinking Outside The Box’   Critics of mental health budget cuts turn out in black

New study compares treatments for schizophrenia   Your Chance to Speak Out for a Federal Parity Law

The quackery of modern medicine  The psychology of conspiracy  Khaled El-Masri | I Am Not a State Secret

Doubts Rise as States Hold Sex Offenders After Prison   Queer 101: A Guide for Heteros

Mothers Facing Pollution Risks Find Allies in the Religous Right    ADHD Drug Warnings Come Too Late For Many

How to Cure Eating Disorders: Give Away Those Tight Jeans    Ridding Mental Illness of Its Stigma

To live relatively normal lives, these children must give up something most of us can’t imagine.

Prison no place for mentally ill   Lung disease linked to mental health problems

Marine’s trial is focusing on mental health   Freud was used to control the masses 


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